What is the TRUE Message of Jesus Christ? | Amber Ward

February 28, 2021

What is the true message of Jesus Christ? It's fascinating that while many people both inside and outside the Christian church know of Jesus, and they know about key events in his lifetime - such as his birth, his death and his resurrection - most people don’t know that Jesus preached, taught and spoke endlessly about one central message - one important truth that was life changing for everyone who was able to grasp it.

Let’s take a look in the bible, because I want to show you what that one true message is.

In this video:
0:00 What is the TRUE message of Jesus Christ?
0:30 What does the Bible say?
1:47 What about the early church?
5:56 What do different translations say?
7:53 What next?

References from this video:
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Matthew 4 verse 17
Mark 1 verse 15

Luke 4 verse 43
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Acts 1 verse 3
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Translation comparisons:
Matthew 4 verse 17
Mark 1 verse 5
Matthew 6 verse 33

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