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If you’re feeling depleted, irritable, burdened, or mentally and emotionally exhausted, then keep reading because this is for you.

Two years ago we were at the Planetshakers Conference in Melbourne and I hurt my leg.

We’d been running late for this particular evening session, and Brad and the older girls had gone into the stadium to find us some seats while I took Hannah out to the kids program registration area.

Once she was all signed in, I met up with Brad and together we went into the main auditorium to find our seats.

Planetshakers conference is held in what was called Hisense Arena – which is a part of the Melbourne Park Tennis Centre complex in Melbourne, so the seating is stadium seating.

The session was about to start, and everyone was moving into their seats – but the seats that were ours were in the middle of a row, and both ends of that row were plugged by groups of people who were already sitting down.

These particular people were also on the ‘larger’ side, such that even asking them to stand and let us through wasn’t going to work.

So we opted to walk down the row of seats below our seats, and climb up into our spot using the seat of the chairs as a step.

So I stepped up onto the chair with my right leg, and as I tried to step up with my left leg over the chair back and into our row I heard and felt a loud ‘pop’ and my left foot didn’t quite make it over the back of the seat that I was standing on.

That’s weird, I thought – because I’d totally misjudged getting my left foot over the back of the chair – so I tried again.

But something wasn’t working right with my right foot, and there was now a searing pain in my right calf.

Lily grabbed my hand and helped pull me up into our row, but I was now totally preoccupied with my leg.

I knew there was something very wrong with it, but I discovered that there were a few different ways I could position it so it wouldn’t hurt as much.

And by now the row below us had filled up, the session had started, and I was stuck.

I couldn’t put my foot to the ground, or put any pressure at all on my leg without the searing pain.

At the end of the session, Brad asked one of the service volunteers to get me some first aid help – but we had to let everyone else get out of the way first, and after an awkward and painful shuffle across the seats, and then up the steps to the closest walkway, I was taken in a wheely chair out to the first aid area, where they called me an ambulance.

By this stage it was after 11pm and Brad and I decided that he would walk the kids back to the apartment where we had been staying while I got some emergency treatment for my leg, because there was NO way that I was going to be able to cope with this pain overnight, let alone walk the 20 minutes back through the city to our accommodation.

So off I went by ambulance to the hospital, which was an experience all in itself. It was just after midnight when I arrived, and the waiting area in emergency was really busy.

With the realization that it was going to be a long wait, I messaged Brad to let him know that I’d made it to the hospital – and that’s when I realized that my phone was getting quite low on battery charge – to the point where I wasn’t going to be able to use it to occupy myself during the long wait ahead.

There was another issue too – because while we had two electronic access cards for the apartment, to get into the building after hours you needed a special electronic fob – and I had already sent that home with Brad and the kids.

So to get in, I needed to be able to ring them, and because it was the middle of the night I also needed to be able to wake them up.

And if my phone was flat, it was going to be a significant problem.

Sometimes as parents, we have times where we feel like we’re running low on battery.

This last week has been rough – I’m not sure why, but many of the other parents I’ve spoken to over the last few days have spoken about feeling the same way.

We’re tired, and feeling like we don’t have the same amount of capacity to deal with life’s struggles as we normally would.

The kids seem to have shorter fuses than normal, and so do we as parents.

We’re just feeling… depleted. For my phone, an obvious remedy for the problem of a low battery is to recharge the device.

But when you have kids, especially when they’re young or if you are a single parent, it’s not just as simple as taking some time off.

As much as you’d like to whisk yourself off for an island holiday somewhere and could rest on the beach with a good book to recharge, there are school runs to do, hungry mouths that need to eat dinner, dishes and clothes to be washed and you get the picture.

And there are also the children themselves who have questions, need help with homework, and sometimes need to be separated when they’re fighting or arguing with one another.

As a mother, I know that I can’t just take myself away somewhere to recharge, and shutting myself away in my room will either result in children knocking on my door or otherwise doing whatever they want – which tends to result in a house of chaos, which certainly doesn’t help me feel refreshed.

So what should we do when we know that our battery is getting low on charge, but we can’t just switch everything off around us to enable us to recharge?

I want to remind you of something Jesus said – and this is from Matthew chapter 11, in verse 28. “Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

This, right here, is a promise of God. When you’re feeling weary, like you’re running out of battery and life is feeling heavy – it’s a reminder to bring your problems, your exhaustion and everything that’s feeling heavy to Jesus.

He has promised, in his word, that if we come to him, he will give us rest.

And this isn’t fake rest – it’s not rest that just looks peaceful on social media but doesn’t help much in the long run.

It’s genuine rest.

And you can access Jesus and the rest he has promised from wherever you are – whether that’s in your kitchen while you’re cooking dinner, or settling an argument for the 50th time.

The best way to recharge your batteries is to connect them to the power source, and Acts chapter 1 verse 8 makes it super clear that our power source is the Holy Spirit.

First Corinthians chapter 4 verse 20 says that the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power – but while we carry this power with us wherever we go, sometimes we forget to tap into it and we forget to ask for the rest and the refreshing that God has promised.

So if you’re feeling depleted, irritable, burdened, or mentally and emotionally exhausted, remember that Jesus loves you and has offered to give you rest – but you need to come to him, and bring your burdens to him, in order to receive the promise.

And if you’re wondering whether my phone battery made it through the night in hospital – the short answer is no – it didn’t.

After nursing it all night and only using it to check the time, it died just a few minutes before I got released from hospital at 5am.

But luckily, buzzing our apartment intercom woke up one of the kids, who woke Brad, who let me into the building.

Until next time, blue skies!

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