Are you a Christian Secret Agent?

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Does this sound like someone you know – they’ve got two totally different groups of friends, one lot are Christian friends and the other lot are definitely NOT Christian friends.

When the person is around the Christian friends they fit right in, everybody loves them to bits.

And when they’re around their ‘other’ friends they fit right in there too – even though the behavior of the other group definitely NOT what you would expect from believers.

In fact, from the things this person gets up to when they’re with their other friends – you’d never even guess that they were a believer!

People caught in situations like this go to extra special efforts to make sure their two circles of friends never meet up, because they’re concerned about what each group would think if they knew the person was involved in the other group.

They’re effectively living a double life. Now that was a fairly extreme example, but things don’t need to be that complicated in order for us to be living a double life when it comes to our faith.

All it takes is for you to behave one way when you’re at church on a Sunday, and another way when you’re at home or work.

People living this sort of scenario are often the ones who say things like ‘I know deep down that God has a plan for my life, but everything always seems like such a struggle. I’ve never got enough money, nothing ever goes my way, my health has all kinds of complications and my kids are a handful.’

There’s a good reason that they feel that way… because when it comes to the kingdom of God – you can’t be a part-time citizen.

Don’t kid yourself either – you were never called to be a secret agent and to infiltrate groups of non-believers by acting just like them.

We are clearly told to be in the world, but not of it. There is meant to be an obvious difference in the way we live our lives, in the way that we behave.

Now religion, well, that’s a different story.

Religion will tell you that as long as you come to church on Sunday most weeks then you’re doing ok.

Religion will tell you that as long as you’re putting money in when the plate is passed around, you’re being obedient.

Religion will tell you that there is grace available, so it’s ok to keep sinning as long as you confess your sins and seek forgiveness every once in a while.

Religion says as long as you have a bible somewhere at home so you can look things up if you need to – that’s ok – you’re doing your best.

This might be a slightly controversial thing to say, but Jesus never came to start a new religion. He came to start a kingdom revolution.

He came to tell the world that the time had come for the Kingdom of God to arrive on planet earth and begin growing.

And with the Kingdom of God comes true freedom.

Not freedom to do whatever we feel like it whenever we feel like it, not freedom to sin whenever we want – but TRUE freedom.

The freedom that comes when you’re not tied to the systems of the world.

The freedom that comes when you’re not tied to religious practices in order to have right standing with God.

The freedom that comes from knowing death has no lasting grip on you.

The freedom to access the resources of the Kingdom, the power of the Kingdom and the wisdom of the Kingdom.

As for everyone living a double life – whether that’s a dramatic double life, or an ordinary one – they can’t expect to experience the fullness of life in the kingdom if they don’t let go of the things of the world, because the kingdom is not a part-time deal.

Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, or a little bit married, or a little bit alive – you can’t be a part-time kingdom citizen.

Jesus himself tells us in Luke chapter 9 verse 62 that if you put your hand to the plough and look back, you’re not fit for the kingdom.

In verses 15 to 24 of Luke chapter 14 he tells a story about a man who prepared a banquet, which people who had other priorities would never get to taste.

In Revelation chapter 3, he says that he’ll spit lukewarm Christians out of his mouth.

The pattern here is that as far as Jesus is concerned, our allegiance is all or nothing. You can’t serve two masters.

But when you discover the kingdom it’s like treasure – and the value of that treasure is beyond anything you can imagine.

So my message to everyone who finds themselves living a double agent lifestyle – is don’t settle for less than God’s best for you.

Compared to the Kingdom of God, the world’s got nothing but darkness and despair to offer you.

It might feel pleasurable at the time, but the consequences are bigger than you realize.

You need to leave those worldly pleasures behind and seek the kingdom in order to find it – and you can’t have it both ways.

Jesus isn’t interested in returning for an adulterous bride.

Until next time, blue skies!

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